One really easy idea that will improve your marriage.

This is one to log for a future post. I totally agree (and am very guilty of not making enough effort in this department). I’m definitely working on it… Worth a read – especially for husbands who ‘work from home’. Read the below from ‘Faith, Sigh & DIY’ for more!

Under His Wings

Hi everyone.

How’s your week going?

Mine’s kinda’ crazy. What with coming home from being gone two weeks and having a kitchen re-model going on and chaos and dust everywhere, and trying to find where I put everything before we left, it’s been nuts.

kitchen remodel kitchen remodel

Then today we find out that the wrong refrigerator was delivered so had to take care of that little detail.

Oops. Didn’t mean to vent.

sorryI want to tell you about a conversation I had with a boutique store owner the other day and how that conversation reminded me of this easy step anyone can take to improve their marriage

I can’t remember how the conversation turned to how women dress when they are at home, but it did. The store owner mentioned she’d just celebrated her wedding anniversary and I mentioned how my husband and I had just celebrated ours as well.

That led…

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