Actively engage

Sitting right now on a plane ride over the Atlantic, preparing for 10 days away.

I’ve slept a bit, watched a few movies, was about to watch one more when… something S. said to me before I left came to mind.

What are you going to write about while you’re away?

Why does everyone ask such good questions!

But that got me thinking… What do I do? Normally when I’m on a trip away, it gives me an opportunity to throw myself into everything – I don’t have to worry about bed times or date nights, I can go at my work 110%.

But does being in a different country make me stop being a husband or father?

Clearly the answer is no. (Unless you believe in the area code rule, in which case good luck making that work…)

So what does it mean to actively engage with S & family while there is so much going on around me? And when I have very few opportunities to be in touch?

Well, I guess the answers may be different for everyone, and in every situation, but here’s my list:

  • I can pause the movie on this plane and actually take time to pray for my family’s day that has just begun – and continue this regularly through my time away
  • I can make the effort to send the odd update SMS – even if I can’t have lengthy conversations
  • I can carve out time and opportunities for chats – even if they are sometimes inconvenient to what’s going on around me here…
  • I can choose to actively engage my mind with what’s going on with the family – staying connected emotionally (even if not to the same degree as usual)
  • I can send specific encouragements to each family member – to let them know they are being thought about and loved
  • (This one is for my gift-crazy family) Presents Presents Presents Presents…

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s probably enough to be getting on with while doing my job faithfully!

Now – there’s a reason I’m writing this on day 1 – So that I can be held to my intentions…

Bring it on!!

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