So you really think you finished the job?

Look at the picture above. What’s wrong with that?

I just “helped clean the kitchen”. Did a great job, didn’t I?

Well, I guess it was a help, but what is a real help is when someone doesn’t have to come down and finish it off!

I guess those last two minutes is what show I care enough to deal with the details that matter to her and not just me.

Lord, help me serve with an unselfish heart!!

Going the extra mile

So today I have a morning at home, and I’ve been tasked with helping out with a few cleaning tasks…

Great opportunity to rest on my laurels and let her know how helpful I was, right?

Until I remember that this is stuff she does week in, week out, normally without praise and often without gratitude…

So today’s step is ‘going the extra mile’ – instead of doing a half-a****d job – I’m going to try and tackle a couple of extra bits

 Namely, the patch of wall and paint tins that have been sitting In our bedroom the last month.
Just trying to remember… The little things go a long way!